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Only 2 1/2 weeks left to raise thr money we need for #SurvivingTheDead. Only $2300 away from our $8,500 goal! For those that don’t know, we produced and posted 2 successful seasons of our first #Webseries, #AlmostHome on my #YouTube channel and now we’re getting into #SciFi. I’m passionate about people of color and LGBTQ folks creating their own content and telling our own stories. It’s up to us. This is just a taste of what I want to do. But we’re really excited about the show and need your help (just like you helped us with Almost Home seasons 1&2) to make this show happen! Donation link along with info on the show & info on donation perks is in my Instagram & Twitter bio. Thanks guys!! Every little bit counts!

Another photo from my interview with #Hyundai yesterday. They’re doing a campaign on women who make smart choices & I was one of the women they picked☺️☺️. I’ll let you guys know where you guys can find it when it posts. Check the behind the scenes videos in my pictures where I talk about the webseries we’re doing.

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