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We get so used to focusing on men and boys in these conversations that we forget that black girls and women are also targeted, harassed, raped and killed by the police also. Le t’s not lose sight of that. They may not make the news papers & national media (black women & girls never do. Even when missing) but never for one second believe that black men and boys are the only ones in danger. We saw video of that cop beating a woman on the side of the freeway. Another cop in NYC put a pregnant woman in a choke hold & her husband/ brother were both arrested when they tried to help her. And that’s just been recently. Aiyana was 7. 7 years old. Her story, and the story of others breaks my heart. Makes me wanna do more. More than what I did yesterday. Be more vocal than I was yesterday. In today’s age, we have to have the talk with our boys AND girls. The #RenishaMcBride trial just ended. Why? Because it’s their blackness that people view as a threat. Man, woman, adult or child. As we remember Mike, also remember these women and girls..

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